About Yentl

Yentl Kim Hyorim is a visual concept artist based in Rotterdam.


Yentl’s drawings are abstract visualizations depicting an underlying storyline. Although her mysterious illustrations often carry a sinister ambiance, it essentially communicates an experiential expression. 


Yentl combines intense emotion with volatile humor in order to tell you a recognizable yet alienating story, immersing the observer into a penetrative atmosphere regarding the vibrancy of life. These stories sometimes express themselves in enigmatic yet playful ways with contradictions that at first seem uncomfortable, but eventually fit.


Sometimes, she conceptualizes her characters. These represent figmental embodiments of deeper parts from herself, thereby carefully portraying her hidden vulnerability.


There is a synergy between the figurative and the abstract, teasing each other in a way that serves to deepen the artwork itself.

While drawing, Yentl pays attention to minimal detail, employing various styles and aesthetic materials. Ultimately, she aspires to create passionate artworks that captivates individuals, guiding them into uneasy depths where the viewer can truly connect.



2017                         Behind Bars | Solo | Utrecht, NL 

2017                         De Lik | Duo show| Utrecht, NL

2017                         Banana’s | Solo | Utrecht, NL

2017                         Artknock Life-De Stadstuin | Group show | Utrecht, NL

2016                         Behind Bars | Solo | Utrecht, NL

2016                         WAK | Group show | Aalsmeer, NL

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